Testimonials from Training

Our attendees rate our course above 90% on the feedback forms.  Each workshop adds on elements that were suggested in the previous course so we are constantly improving our content and delivery. Read what others have experienced in our training.

Appreciate the understanding drawn to the dichotomy of online versus print content and the merits of both.  A very “user friendly” course that didn’t intimidate or overwhelm.

Kevin Taylor


It is not good, it is profound, and while good is available, profound is unique!

Cherie Struthers

The seminar was well presented, with good data and visual demonstrations. The useful and applicable information I received will make my future attempts at marketing (of business) and dissemination (of causes) activities more effective. I enjoyed learning about the tools available and broadening my views on looking at things differently, Your passion at what you do came across clearly which was inspiring.

Overall, it has pointed me in the right direction on how to find and verbalize/present my strong interests to others via the internet. Thank you

Lin Horn

Hey steve thanks for the awesome days teaching you really rocked the Cullinan Hotel and everyone in it; i cant wait to apply my new found knowledge so thanks a million for all the wisdom.

Tim Upton

I enjoyed your course, & certainly had a few questions answered that I was specifically looking for. One can certainly build up your reputation through these electronic mediums that are so freely available. Thank you once again.

Lawrence Pearce

Thank you for a very entertaining and informative day! As you can see I have started with a blog, I am on FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter and I do an email newsletter.

Caroline de Wet

Many thanks for a great course! It was very informative and useful. Fanie Booyens I am SO inspired! Thank You Steve! I can’t wait to put all that I have learned here into practice and start my blogging journey!! The workshop was interesting, informative, fun and challenging. The time flew by and I was never bored. I can’t wait to spread the word! THANK YOU.”

Lynette le Roux

Very insightful, interesting and empowering.


Commerce Edge

A thoroughly informative day which I found fascinating because now I have an understanding of current internet technologies and especially their application in my environment.

Your method of explaining these complex subjects is so understandable and unstressed to the layman. I look forward to many future interactions.

Niall Walker

I found the course excellent and very helpful. You expained everything well and I will be recommending the course to agents we do business with. Will aslo contact you re training our team. Thanks

Adrienne Milner

The day was very informative to say the least, a whole new world opening up for me. It was more than worth the time investment to have one’s mind opened up and stretched in terms of the way the world—and the internet world—is going.

It was presented in a simple, relevant and easy-to-listen-to style. I especially enjoyed the stories that illustrated what you were saying, it made it real.

Alexander Venter

I have enjoyed your course tremendously. It open a new world for me. My bog is set up and running – dummy at this moment because I think and rethink it daily. The course was stimulating, not to long and well presented.



Thank you so much for yesterday. This new awareness will go a long way in helping me to conquer my fears with regards to using the internet in all the various ways. Your course was what I needed overcome the roadblocks.

Thereza Rautenbach

Found the course very interesting and it open my mind to a whole new way of doing things

Marie Doorigan

I enjoyed the seminar tremendously and it has put me in a different frame of thinking , realising that I will have to think outside the box, with my passions in life . . . And how I can plan my life forward as I am only 52 yrs young thinking or a multiple source of income.

I know that God has blessed me with a wide perspective of passion and knowledge and that I should put it to work with the new technology you have introduced me to. You have really opened up my mind, and for that I thank you!

Wantie Burger

Steve, you are such a star!! Thank you for inspiring all of us today…we didn’t even get to twitter, we were kept so captivated!!! YOU ABOUND WITH KNOWLEDGE, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the sponsors of the day & to you for sharing so openly!

Beverley Carrington-Hall

I can see the light in my dark tunnel after your seminar. Thank you again.

Suzette von Benecke

You got me so inspired that I created my blog that same night. I obviously have a lot to learn but have made a start.

Jasper Cloete

Your course yesterday was the best value for money I have ever had! Thank You!! I really enjoyed your manner and the way you have structured the course. Even totally computer illiterate people could follow you, and were motivated.


Gail Sargeant

Brilliant seminar yesterday in Pta. Lots of useful information given, thank you

Amanda Geldenhuys