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Marketing Online is a confusing journey with too many specialists taking you in different directions.  Chat to me about what your goals are and I will advise, assist or direct you so that it all makes sense and you can make an informed choice.  

Consultations are free.  I love to help.

Carole Eilertsen

Tel: 082 853 7286
Email: Carole@elementaldesigns.co.za

Carole Eilertsen

Elemental Website Content-Builder

This slick online website content-builder will help you think about your business in the same way that Google does.

Put 45 minutes aside and your website content is sorted. You can re-do the content builder as many times as necessary adding new answers, content, pages, documents, brochures, pdf docs, spreadsheets, even PowerPoint presentations – in fact any source that will empower us to give you the cutting edge website that you are expecting.