Your website must respond to the call of  “Solve my problem”

– it must offer solutions – it is a resource for someone who needs assistance.


Most websites dont do this. Instead they are narcissistic, full of meaningless marketing words like . . . .

high quality, extensive research, 100% natural, exclusive, unrivaled, medically approved, luxurious, perfectly positioned, South Africa’s leading, exceptional service, unique sanctuary, elegantly themed, expertly designed programs, premiere company, professional, amazing prices, ultimate, fine dining, great experience . . . the list is endless.

Bill hurter
Bill Hurter’s book offers solutions from front to back. Your website should do the same without giving away your IP.

None of these words solve problems or offer differentiation because everybody uses them – they are like the polystyrene packaging that came with your 60 inch flat screen TV i.e. throw away padding.

Your website must be more like a handbook than a marketing brochure. Imagine someone with a problem that you can solve – or someone with a need that you can satisfy.  Which keywords would they use to describe what they need**  – USE these words in your website and then ensure that the text works them towards the solution you offer. Make the solution logical and easy to find.

Run your website copy through a reading ease program so that time bankrupt people WILL read it and find what you offer easily and quickly.

** keywords can be made up of one word, two words or even three interdependent words (South, Africa, South Africa, South West Africa – 4 different keywords)


Article by our own digital marketing strategist and coach:   STEVE EILERTSEN